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Pokebowl & tech, awesome restaurant in Barcelona

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The awesome restaurant that I will tell you is in the Gracia neiborhood in Barcelona. I was able explore a new concept of restaurant that offers pokebowl and more: ¡the table is great! ¿Do you want learn more? Come in.

If something likes me, It was the modern restaurant has a unique brand through the interaction and tech in a unique way for command and label dog friendly. Read more to discover it.

Cheap menu in a awesome restaurant in Barcelona.

I’m here to speak about an awesome restaurant in Barcelona that joins the tech with innovative experience. I hadn’t hope that I liked it, but however I love it.

In my case, I command the standard menu that include a pokebowl or noodles, one drink and one coffe (with 2€ of supplement you have fruit or mochi). The presentation of meal was good, and quantity… well it’s enough. If you like eat a lot, maybe need two dishes.

This restaurant is awesome because I remember a lot others uniques restaurants that you command from the table. In some situations you can find command with your phone, however, here is different: sincronize the smartphone and use all table to command or play videogames with your partners. Without doubt, It’s special.

Also, if you a dog lover or you lives with one, in the gate you can find food and water for our friends. It’s a detail that others shops and restaurants need it. In Barcelona has living a lot of dogs: for me it’s a great positive point because ever I felt discriminated for my dog.

Nüa Restaurante has a special ambient, a tech that enjoys in the first moment that you sit in the table and it’s opens about options, ideas and experience for improve the experience. In my opinion, It has the capacity for be pioneers in Barcelona (I don’t know about Europe) for create a new makes to enjoys meal… and if you have company It will be better.

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