Butterflies happy adventure. Discover a magic location for childs.

Naturaleza Para viajeros

I discovered a new butterflies loc near of Barcelona. It’s a magical place where you can enjoy with your sons. Do you want learn more? Let’s go, follow this post.

Today, I went to a strange place called Butterfly Park in the north of Catalonia. You can get there by car if you drive around a 90 minutes, maybe 60 minutes.

Butterflies Park Zones.

I liked it, but not a lot. The reaseon is I think is very expensive and very small. The park has 3… maybe 4 different zones. These zones was:

  • Bird and bats. Is the first zone. You can feed the birds and visit a little cave to see the bats, be care that not shout. It’s a place like as rainforest, with humidity, some small lakes.
  • Muntiaco. You can see a fawn from India. You can touch, but I don’t be brave to do it. I only saw. Remember, you musn’t feed the Muntiaco. The access is from Bird and bats zone.
  • Butterfly. I thought that It had a lot of butterflyes. When I went I could see a ten or fourteen butterflies. Maybe was for the season: summer. I had a dissapointment for this reaseon.
  • Cinema. Small cinema to see a short film about the butterflies and some birds. You can see the butterflies evolves. It’s interesting but not for childs.

My experience.

It was poor. It was a big dissapointment. The first was to see «Only cash». For my luck, I had the money for tickets. The worker like as didn’t want a job and didn’t say anything, only the price and gave us a short guide.


All photos were taken with my mobile camera. You was able to near the animals and butterflies. For me, this is awesome, but the experience time for one and half hour for me it’s short. For other hand, the ticket’s price was expensive: ten euros for person.

My conclusion about the Butterflies park is too expensive for the time spent in this place. I’d a empty feel that the place need improves… maybe the hard pandemia’s time affected this beatiful place.

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